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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ryder Cup Journey - Day 7

Saturday was an off day for me in regards to duties, so we got to the course around 11am and milled around to the merchandise tent and some various viewing areas on the golf course.  The Board has access to what is called the Argyle Pavilion which is a three level mega tent full of food, bars and restrooms.  Very plush place and hard to believe it is "tent".  The food is definitely very different and one that you need to just be adventurous with.  Some things you like and others you say "well, I tried it".   Shockingly I have had Haggis on two occasions and thought it was not too bad.  Looking forward to a big Rueben from Wilderness Ridge upon our return.

Merchandise tent was PACKED!!  Unfortunately the US dollar is weaker than the pound so for every Pound spent it costs $1.66 in US dollars.  Ouch!

Jane and I also visited with "The Guardians of The Cup".  You may have seen these Chaps as they are in all yellow outfits with blue accent and a spanking yellow hat.  They have a little song about each European player as they get to the tee and they sing it in the stands.   They are all old college mates and have made it to the last few Ryder Cups.  Very nice chaps (starting to talk and write like them now!) that are only trying to have a great time.  I exchanged contact info so I could keep in touch.

Went to authentic German restaurant and brewery for dinner which was wonderful!  Who'd a thought a German restaurant in Scotland!?  Very good.

Working the 7th match today which is Matt Kuchar vs Thomas Bjorn.  The USA played terrible in a few of the afternoon matches and now have a mountain to climb to get the 8.5 points necessary for the win.  Let's hope!!

Heading home tomorrow and hoping for an un eventful trip unlike out travel to Scotland,  Looking forward to getting back to WR and seeing everyone. 

Have a great Sunday!  Nice to see another Husker win too!!



Friday, September 26, 2014

Ryder Cup Journey - Day 6

Amazing day inside the ropes with the last morning Foursome match with Phil Mickelson/Keegan Beadley vs Rory McIlroy/Sergio Garcia.  Tremendous crowd noise!  Both teams however struggled mightily to hit fairways which was a premium as the rough was extremely long and very thick.  I don't know if I have ever seen rough this nasty in my entire golfing life......absolutely brutal.

Amazing Jack Nicklaus course which is way out in the countryside.  Also beautiful ok Gleneagles hotel.  Interesting tidbit if information, the Gleneagles Kings Course was the very first international match between the Americans and Europeans in 1921 and 6 years later Samuel Ryder, a sea merchant provided what is now the Ryder Cup and the matches began!  If he only knew what his dream has done for the game and how it can bring countries together to play a game under friendly circumstances.  The Europeans have been absolutely amazing fans and very welcoming of Americans throughout the entire week.  Very impressed with Scotland!!

Back to the an observer you basically work one shot ahead of your group which actually allows you to see the group in front if you which in my case was the Reed/Speith match and they really took it to their opponents!  Beautiful lush golf course but very soft and moist conditions due to the rains at night.  I had a few crowd control issues with errant shots and two cart path issues for Rory and Keegan on the same hole.  Makes for a fun time.

Very early on Friday I was on the first tee area with our PGA officers, Tom Watson and the players came right by us to get to the tee.  At one point a very small deer ran though the carts and just missed me by about 2 feet!  It was trying to figure out how the heck to get out of the craziness.  Fun to watch the players talk to Captain Watson, hug their families and kiss their wives.  Beings a whole different side to life as they are excited, nervous and ready to get underway.  Great experience being that close to everything.  On 18 I essentially was 3 steps behind Watson as we watch the end if the match on 18.  Fortunately they pulled that one out!!!

Heading to the course now for the end of Saturday morning matches and will catch afternoon Fourball.  I'll keep you posted of anything fun.

I do want to thank Jake Burling for the outstanding job this week.  We have stayed in touch via email multiple times a day and I am very appreciative of his hard work as well as the hard work of the rest of the staff!  We have an amazing TEAM that understands the job and works extremely well together at WR and I am very proud of them!! 

It's early in the states so I wish everyone a great Saturday and GO HUSKERS!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ryder Cup Journey - Day 5

An am amazing day at Gleneagles today for the practice rounds of players as well as an observer meeting to prep us on the duties for the matches and go through the golf course information. 

At 3 pm Glasgow time we attended the opening ceremony where numerous Scottish entertainers performed prior to the announcing of players. When it got to the end of the program the players on both sides were introduced and the matches announced for Friday mornings matches.  Very exciting and moving program and not only makes you proud to be a PGA member but also an American!  Our family is honored to be here this week and so happy to represent Wilderness Ridge, the Nebraska PGA and our District 8 professionals in the Minnesota and Iowa sections.  Once in a lifetime experience!!

Following the ceremony we attended a reception where the USA players attended with their families and then dinner in the famous Gleneagles hotel.  The players had their own private dinner but their families dined with us.  Very fun night with a very traditional Scottish menu being served.  Hayden and Carter had the opportunity to chat with Bubba Watson and Jordan Speith.  Very pleasant and mingled with everyone.

I got a great draw and will work the 4th match Friday morning with Phil Mickelson & Keegan Brasley vs Sergio Garcia & Rory McIlroy.  A terrific match to be able to be inside the ropes.    I will keep you posted how it goes.

I hope everyone has the opportunity to tune in and watch.  Coverage may start very, very early so put the DVR on and watch later.

More tomorrow!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fun times at the Ryder Cup!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ryder Cup Gala Highlights

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