Located adjacent to Lincoln's Wilderness Park, Wilderness Ridge has been in the works since 1987, when owners began purchasing land for the future golf course. In 1998, contractors began grading the golf course and officially opened in August 2001. Two years later, the clubhouse was completed and aptly named The Lodge. The Lodge carries out the "wilderness" theme with its log structure, natural stone landscaping and numerous stuffed game throughout the building. Fully completed, Wilderness Ridge consists of an 18-hole Championship Course, a 9-hole Executive Course, a 40,000 square foot clubhouse, 270,000 square feet of office space, 70 town homes and 300 single family homes.


Architect: DFD of Phoenix. Designed 10 clubhouses prior to Wilderness Ridge.

Developers: Ridge Development Company and Southview Inc.

Timber: The timber is from Hamilton, Montana and has been procured through Rocky Mountain Log Homes. The company only harvests standing dead timbers, making it an eco-friendly building choice.

Assembly: The building was literally built in Montana, hand scribed. It was then disassembled, transported to Lincoln, and reassembled.

Roof: This is the first core tin roof in Nebraska. An acid was applied to the tin to promote the rusting process and a laminate has been applied to inhibit the rust at a certain point.

Interior Doors: The doors are Alder wood and were made in Russia.

Front Doors: Designed and carved by Frank Disco in Wyoming, they each weigh 400 pounds and the images tell the story of one of the owners.

Chandeliers: Handmade in Hamilton, Montana from real elk antlers.

Ceiling Height: 32’ at the ceiling peak

Restroom Walls: “Forest Web” marble

Tables & Chairs: All were custom made, with the exception of the banquet chairs.

Fireplace Mantles: Each weigh 700 pounds

Deck: Made from 3” x 6” cedar

Gates at the Golf Shop: Miller Fabrication of Lincoln

Landscaping: The granite boulders are from Northern Minnesota. It took 300 train car loads to bring them in. The trees originate from Nebraska and include: White Pine, Austrian Pine, Blue Spruce and Conifer Firs.

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