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Q | What do I need to send with my child?
A | Please pack the following items in a labeled bag or backpack:
  • Golf Clubs
  • Tennis Racquet
  • Pickleball Paddle
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
Q | What if my child doesn’t have golf clubs, a tennis racquet or pickleball paddle?  
A | You can purchase these items through Wilderness Ridge. After you register, swing by the Pro Shop to get fitted for Golf Clubs and to place your order for Tennis Racquets and Pickleball Paddles, if needed. Deadline to place your order is Monday, May 6th. Please email Assistant Golf Professional, Levi SaBell to set up your fitting and to place your order.
  • CLUB SET | $250 - $380
  • SINGLE CLUB | $45 - $55
Click HERE to email Levi SaBell.

Q | Can my child attend camp if they are on swim team or have swim lessons?
A | 
Yes! If your child partakes in swim team or has swim lessons, you can note this in your child’s registration or contact the Camp Director. Your child will need to bring their swim attire with them. Our Camp Director will coordinate the drop-off and pick-up between your child’s counselor and our pool staff, to ensure your child arrives on time and is always accounted for. Those on swim team will miss Camp Ridge’s scheduled lunch time and will be given vouchers for concessions; they are also welcome to bring their own sack lunch.
Q | Is Lunch provided at Camp Ridge?
A | Yes, Lunch will be provided every day. Please note that we are a “nut aware” camp. The lunches served by the club will not contain any nuts. If your child has a food allergy and you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our Camp Director.
Q | Can my child have their cell phone on them?
A | Yes, children can have their cellular devices with them. We ask that they are turned off and left in their bags until camp concludes.
Q | Where will I drop off my child?  
A | Drop off will be between 8:00 – 8:20 AM every day at the South side of the Lodge entrance. You will check in at the registration desk where your child will receive their name tag, camp shirt, and be placed with their group.
Q | Where will I pick up my child?
A | Pick up will be at 2:00 PM every day at the pool. If you need to pick up your child early from camp, please contact our Camp Director so she can inform your child’s counselor.
Q | What if my child is unable to attend the entire session?
A | Not a problem! If your child will be absent from camp, please contact our Camp Director so she can inform your child’s counselor.
Q | What is a typical day at Camp Ridge?
A | Every day will consist of a rotation between golf, tennis/pickleball, and a hands-on activity.  Examples include a magician and wildlife presentation. Below is an outline of an average day at Camp Ridge:
  1. Check-In
  2. Station 1
  3. Station 2
  4. Lunch
  5. Station 3
  6. Transition to Pool
  7. Pick Up
Q | Can my child use our member account to purchase additional snacks or a different lunch at Camp Ridge?
A | No, campers are not permitted to purchase additional food during Camp Ridge.
Q | When should I enroll my child for Camp Ridge?
A | The earlier, the better!
Q | How many sessions can I enroll my child?
A | As many as you want! We pride ourselves on making each week uniquely different.
Q | Is there a deadline for registration?
A | 
Registration will close May 20th.
Q | Do you allow drop-ins? 
A | No, we do not allow drop-ins.
Q | What is included in my child’s registration fee?  
A | Your child will receive a Camp Ridge T-shirt, lunch every day, and the behind-the-scenes administrative work necessary to keep camp running smoothly!
Q | What if my child has specific food allergies?
A | You will have the opportunity to indicate your child’s allergies on his or her enrollment form. Our Camp Director will touch base with you by phone before camp starts if she has questions about your child’s allergies. Otherwise, you can speak to our Camp Director on the first day of camp and pass on any pertinent notes. We will not serve any food with nuts and we ask that no child bring any food to camp. Please keep in mind, however, that we do not have full control over the rest of the club’s membership and staff and there is always the possibility that other people not involved with our camp may have food items on them that contain nuts. If you have any questions concerning this, please contact our Camp Director before camp begins.
Q | What should my child wear to camp?
A | Camp Ridge requires all campers to wear our official camp shirt each day of the week. Your camper will get their shirt on their first day. Campers should dress in comfortable clothing and sneakers.
Q | How do I know what size t-shirt to order for my child?
A | Please refer to the following size guidelines: Youth Small (6-8), Youth Medium (10-12, Youth Large (14-16), Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large.

For additional questions, contact Camp Director, Emily Quinn at (402) 261-0149 or email