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Click the weeks below to register. Open to the Public. Registration deadline for Camp Ridge is Wednesday, May 15th.


  • MON - THUR | 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM


  • AGES | 5 - 14 Years Old


  • COST | $375 a Week Per Camper


  • CLUB SET | $250 - $380
  • SINGLE CLUB | $45 - $55
After you register, swing by the Pro Shop to get fitted for Golf Clubs and to place your order for Tennis Racquets and Pickleball Paddles, if needed. Deadline to place your order is Monday, May 6th. Please email Assistant Golf Professional, Levi SaBell to set up your fitting and to place your order.

Click HERE to email Levi SaBell.


Welcome to the inaugural Camp Ridge at Wilderness Ridge!

At Camp Ridge, we are dedicated to igniting your child's passion for golf, tennis, and pickleball while fostering strong team bonds through a variety of engaging activities. We welcome and encourage participants of all skill levels to join us for an enriching and inclusive adventure at Camp Ridge!

Our campers will be grouped by age to tailor the learning experience in golf, tennis, and pickleball. Ages will be grouped as followed; 5–7-year-old, 8–10-year-old, and 11–14-year-old, with each group led by two skilled camp counselors. Our counselors are committed to ensuring that every camper enjoys an unforgettable summer experience!


Learn the essentials of golf, from putting grip to green care. Hone distance and direction skills with drills, emphasizing control over aim and speed. Perfect your setup using alignment sticks and master the art of low, rolling shots. Focus on fundamentals, including grip, aim, stance, and posture, with targeted practice sessions for irons and woods.

Inject fun into learning with creative pitch shot exercises, such as hitting foam golf balls into Schu the Shark's mouth. Each week concludes with a "Fun Day" featuring engaging contests at every station where campers accumulate points and choose a prize at the end.


Camp Ridge Tennis & Pickleball offers an enriching experience for your child to master the essentials of all tennis strokes under the guidance of our expert staff. Our dedicated team focuses on honing hand-eye coordination and overall athletic skills.

Key features of our activities include a paramount emphasis on safety both on and off the court, specialized instructional groups for personalized attention, and engaging drills with daily teaching progressions.

All activities are meticulously crafted by Lisa Hart, a distinguished figure in the tennis world. As a former UNL tennis player and the current Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach at Concordia, Lisa brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure your child's development and enjoyment on the court.

Ages 5-7
Foam Ball/Red Ball Class
Players will receive a fun and exciting introduction to tennis and pickleball. Players will learn the body movements that will help them develop into tennis and pickleball players. We will work on developing good balance during movements, catching skills, understanding/using the ready position, and being able to identify the correct grip for forehands and backhands. Players will learn the basics of keeping score in tennis and pickleball.
Ages 8-10
Red Ball/Orange Ball Class
We will incorporate fun drills, exercises and games that will focus on developing good balance and ball tracking skills. Kids will learn how to identify the correct grip and hand placement for forehands, backhands and volleys. We will make sure players understand the importance of rallying and will work on developing ball control (accuracy and depth).  We will also ensure players understand how to keep score in both tennis and pickleball and know how to play games in both.
Ages 11-14
Orange Ball/Yellow Ball
We will incorporate exciting drills, games and activities to ensure all of our players can rally back and forth and can play tennis and pickleball matches on their own.  We will make sure our players know the technique of all the strokes and understand the use of the different strokes for offense and defense.  We will also make sure everyone knows how to hit the ball on the run and we will continue to advance eye hand coordination skills.


Camp Ridge is thrilled to unveil an intricately designed itinerary packed with a variety engaging activities, tailored for our diverse group of campers. Each week boasts a thoughtfully curated lineup of activities that promise excitement for all ages.

Embark on the thrill of an outdoor scavenger hunt, where every twist and turn brings new discoveries and adventures. Marvel at enchanting magic shows that will transport your imagination to extraordinary realms. Experience the excitement and education intertwined in our firetruck demonstration spectacle.

Connect with the wonders of nature during our wildlife encounter shows, offering a rare chance to interact with the fascinating creatures that share our planet. Feel the exhilaration of friendly competition and shared laughter in boat races along the lazy river.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship during our outdoor field day, fostering teamwork and a sense of achievement. Conclude each week with a variety of competitive yard games and a pizza party, providing a memorable experience for all campers.

At Camp Ridge, we are dedicated to crafting enduring memories through a diverse range of activities catering to every interest. Join us on this adventure-filled journey, where each week guarantees a unique blend of fun, learning, and camaraderie.